I watch the Wookie

I’ve got a train to catch, because
I’ve got to get to work, but first
we need to talk about the Chewbacca mask:
it’s the hottest viral video of the week.
It’s supposed to be so life-affirming
and it allows everyone to get on board
and celebrate joy
but all I see is a contrived, morbidly obese, affect-disordered, narcissistic
I watch the Wookie
and I imagine an advertisers’ cheque
from youtube
in the amount of $632 dollars and fifty-two cents,
sharply declining revenues in subsequent months,
free flights to LA to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show
and put on the fucking mask
on national television,
and a gift basket from Disney
enclosing a three-day golden ticket.
I imagine soaring sales for Disney Corporation’s Star Wars™ Chewbacca Mask
and I miss my train.
I miss my train.

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